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Pants- Minimum Order- 24 pr $60 Unfinished hem $68 Custom inseam
$75 Corduroy $83 Custom inseam
$95 Wool $103 Cutom Inseam
Shorts-Minimum Order-30 pr $50 9 inch inseam $55 Custom inseam
Skirts- Minimum Order-24 pr $50 19 inch inseam $55 Custom length- Aline Skirt
Skirts- Minimum Order-24 pr $55 15 inch length $60 Custom length- Cape Skirt

Fabric Minimums:

  • Pants -12 pcs per color fabric
  • Shorts/Skirts- 15 pcs per color fabric

You can mix pants, shorts, & skirts, to meet the minimum.
EXAMPLE : (8 pr Pants & 7 pr Shorts) OR (6 pr Pants, 5 pr Shorts & 4 Skirts)

Here are some fabrics, designs, and colors we use. You can use your own business logo, a picture you have seen as long as it isn’t trademarked.
Many more thread colors available.

Fabrics Designs Colors
Chino Twill
Lobsters Red
Flat Twill
Sailboats Navy
French Twill
Pigs Pink
Windsor Poplin
Crabs Kelly
Whales Yellow
14 Wale Corduroy Pheasant Royal
11 Wales Corduroy Fox Forest
8 wales Corduroy GO Purple
Wool Flannel
Wool Herringbone

To order please give us
the following info

Give us the following information in your email

  • Pant, Short or Skirt (Cape or Aline)
  • Classic fit of Slim Fit
  • Flat or Pleated Front
  • Inseam or Unfinished hem
  • Fabric & Color
  • Design & Colors
  • Address for Shipping
  • Email Address to send invoice through Paypal
    where you can pay with a credit card or Paypal

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